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Best answer: Tuesday November 20th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: grocery 9:25am: mayhem 4:25pm: breakfast Back to work perk: Burl Ives Blockbusters: My Cousin Rachel Bookworm Trivia: The Lord Of The Rings Classic Rock Challenge: Traveling Wilburys Country Music Trivia: Adam Craig Get Your Game On: ... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Tinsel 9:25 B –Word: Think Back to work Perk:Eagles 4:25 B -Word: Beginning Blockbusters: Zach Braff Book Worm: Bernard Goldberg Country Trivia: Brett Young Classic Rock: Like a Rock Music Challenge: Land Of Hope And Dreams Music Pop Quiz: Alicia Keys Get your game on: HTC Vive Healthy... show more

Best answer: Most people do.

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Yes 9:25 B –Word: Good Back to work Perk: Andy Williams 4:25 B -Word: Welcome Email bonus: Wish Blockbusters: 1955 Book Worm: Edgar Allan Poe Country Trivia: Carly Pearce Classic Rock: Michael McDonald Music Challenge: Holiday Music Pop Quiz: Sam Hunt Get your game on: Save Your Sister Healthy... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Viggo Mortensen Bookworm is Robert Frost Classic Rock is David Coverdale Country Music is Texas Get Your Game On is Finland Healthy is Ulnar Nerve Sports is Tristan Thompson Super Hero is Kingsman: The Golden Triangle TV is Nashville

Best answer: Tuesday November 13th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: milk 9:25am: riot 4:25pm: mid Back to work perk: Pink Blockbusters: Manchester by the Sea Bookworm Trivia: Helen Classic Rock Challenge: Montrose Country Music Trivia: Blake Shelton Get Your Game On: Ubisoft Healthy Knowledge: High... show more

Best answer: Black Friday is November 23 Blockbusters is Dwight Yoakam Bookworm is Margaret Atwood Classic Rock is A Bullfrog Country Music is Elle King Get Your Game On is 2019 Healthy is William Glasser Sports is Elina Svitolina Super Hero is Megan Fox TV is Attorney

Best answer: Blockbusters: Logan Lucky Book Worm: The Partner Country Trivia: Life Changes Classic Rock: Alan And Marilyn Bergman Music Challenge: Janet Jackson Music Pop Quiz: Something To Tell You Get your game on: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Healthy Knowledge: Kidneys Superhero Trivia: Neurosurgeon Sports Trivia: Alexander... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is War for the Planet of the Apes Bookworm is Britain Classic Rock is Norwegian Wood Country Music is Jason Aldean Get Your Game On is Capcorn Healthy is Sweetbread Sports is 10 Minutes Super Hero is Atom TV is Katy Perry

Best answer: Tuesday November 6th Vote! Vote! Vote! B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: sure 9:25am: election 4:25pm: nacho Back to work perk: Dido Blockbusters: Global Swarming Bookworm Trivia: Truman Capote Classic Rock Challenge: Robert Plant Country Music Trivia: Florida Georgia Line Get Your Game On: ... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Correct 9:25 B –Word: Donut Back to work Perk: Hall and Oates 4:25 B -Word: Orange Blockbusters: Diane Keaton Book Worm: C.S. Lewis Country Trivia: Keith Urban Classic Rock: University of Minnesota Music Challenge: Land Of Hope And Dreams Music Pop Quiz: Bebe Rexha Get your game on: Pokemon... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Women Only Invited Bookworm is Mercutio Classic Rock is Syd Barret Country Music is You Look Good Get Your Game On is Thimbleweed Park Healthy is Carbohydrates Sports is Cleveland Browns Super Hero is The CW TV is Jimmy Kimmel

Best answer: Saturday November 3rd Blockbusters: Terrorist Attack Bookworm Trivia: Paradise Regained Classic Rock Challenge: Barbara Ann Country Music Trivia: When Someone Stops Loving You Get Your Game On: Sonic Mania Healthy Knowledge: 60% Music Challenge: You Want To Stay Alive Music Pop Quiz: Julia... show more

Best answer: I think there should be a balance. A while ago I watched a documentary (can't remember the name) about people who are terminally ill, and they are asked what they regret most in life. 99% answered that they regret not spending more time with their loved ones due to professional reasons, and not doing more... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters - Michael Fassbender Bookworm Trivia - Blue Coat Country Music - Brad Paisley Get Your Game On - Machine Zone Healthy Knowledge - Vice President Richard Nixon Music Pop Quiz - Machine Gun Kelly Sports Trivia - Elina Svitolina Superhero Trivia - Luke Cage TV Trivia - Bob's Burgers

I’m a 22 year old guy and my wife is expecting to have our baby next month, she’s 8 months pregnant. Anyway my girlfriend has asked me to name our baby girl, when she is born. So I told her Dayla would be her name. What do you think of this name? Is it a nice name for a girl?

Best answer: KOLA 99.9 FM Listen & Win codes: Friday At Work Freebie: INSPIRE

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Block 9:25 B –Word: Playing Back to work Perk: Nickleback 4:25 B -Word: Tea Blockbusters: Zac Efron Book Worm: Lied Country Trivia: Smooth Classic Rock: Marmalade Skies Music Challenge: 2 Music Pop Quiz: Niall Horan Get your game on: March of Empires: War of Lords Healthy Knowledge: Place Of... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Show 9:25 B –Word: Rid Back to work Perk: Spandau Ballet 4:25 B -Word: Dare Email bonus: Thanks Blockbusters: Amy Schumer Book Worm: Dr. Seuss's ABC Country Trivia: Chris Stapleton Classic Rock: The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Music Challenge: Alanis Morissette Music Pop Quiz: Hailee... show more