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How to read better?

5 answers · Other - Education · 3 days ago
Ok so I have my exams coming up and when I go through the long pdf files I face this issue. I clearly spend a lot of time reading the files but I can't retain much info. Like after reading for a while I go like wtf was I reading as my mind wanders off. I am not a lazy student regardless the fact my dad always... show more

What is another word for paradise?

17 answers · Words & Wordplay · 1 day ago

Christians, can you list 2 evil things about the atheism religion?

11 answers · Special Education · 3 hours ago

If i have sex will my breast get bigger?

17 answers · Trivia · 2 days ago
Best answer: Your boyfriend is lying to you so you’ll have sex with him. Don’t do it unless you are comfortable with it and feel ready, don’t let him pressure you into something you don’t want to do.

Is global citizenship an idea or an action?

12 answers · Homework Help · 13 hours ago

What are four letter colors?

9 answers · Homework Help · 9 hours ago

My parents won't f*cking listen to me regarding college?

15 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 1 day ago
I told my parents my ideas for college, and they refuse to listen. I told them I wanted to stay local because when I turn 18 in the spring, I can join my town's fire department and I want to attend the fire academy as well as college. When my parents heard this, they went into my room, took the admissions... show more

What does it take to lift families out of poverty?

18 answers · Homework Help · 3 days ago

Pee is stored in nutsack right?

16 answers · Homework Help · 2 days ago
Best answer: Only if your nut sack is the size of a soccer ball. If it is don't come on here showing off.

Why do Atheists persecute people who believe in God?

18 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 3 days ago
Best answer: Oh looky there---a rabid anti_semite Christer whining about what holes people use during consensual sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms and women daring to claim ownership of their own ovaries. No wonder Christianity has a 2 thousand year history of violence against its neighbors. One Look at the batshit... show more

Is islamo-atheism the future of the world?

8 answers · Words & Wordplay · 12 hours ago

Is there any mistake for this sentence?

9 answers · Words & Wordplay · 12 hours ago
“This card can be used in any store” If there is mistake please fix it for me

Someone said that and just wondered if that's correct

Do I need a comma here?

13 answers · Words & Wordplay · 2 days ago
"Did you come here to talk me to death?" snapped Junia frustrated. DO I need a comma after JUNIA


8 answers · Homework Help · 7 hours ago
Religion and Politics Assignment: 1. Discuss the factors that make secularization and modernization to be a challenge to religion in the society. 2. It is often said that war is a continuation of politics by other means. How should a Christian approach the issue of war in politics? 3. How should a citizen... show more

Should I dropout of high school?

7 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 10 hours ago
I’m currently a sophomore in high school. To be honest, I really care about education and I really like learning. I want to go to college and have a career. But my parents recently moved to different city and I’m really uncomfortable here and I don’t know what I’m doing or saying. I just don’t have the guts to tell... show more

Why are most Republicans overweight and uneducated?

13 answers · Other - Education · 3 days ago