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What is the number one problem in todays world?

134 answers · Mathematics · 4 days ago

Can our space ships travel for even One light year?

10 answers · Astronomy & Space · 13 hours ago
Best answer: We have the science but not the technology to travel to the Centauri binary stars 4.2 light years away. The science is in using a solar sail to propel the starship about 1/4 light speed for most of the journey. The rest is accelerating and then decelerating. At a steady all the way 1/4 light speed it would take... show more

Best answer: A Fossil is what remains of something that once lived Evolution got beyond the Assexual reproduction In most cases To be fair Sexual reproduction curtails Overbreeding

How to time travel?

13 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

Is there any proof that aliens exist?

12 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago
If so, could we ever find a way to contact them?

What number falls exactly between 1.25 and 1.50?

16 answers · Mathematics · 15 hours ago

How much is five ounces of wine?

14 answers · Mathematics · 6 hours ago

What is the coolest facts about black holes?

11 answers · Astronomy & Space · 2 days ago

When I laid my head on the pillow last night I started thinking about Space. Something I love is the question of why we go further in the past the more through space we go. I started thinking what if the question isn't how far does the Universe go - rather what if it just takes you more and more in the past... show more

According to physics, do past and future exist?

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Best answer: No, algebra is not necessary in everyday home life. (I am a math teacher telling you my honest answer.) But school teaches you skills you will use in a job. Many (but not all) jobs use algebra. You will never need. to do a chemistry equation or dissect a frog or recite the Magna Carta or analyze a Shakespeare poem... show more

How many gases is Jupiter made out of?

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Best answer: 23rd Dec 2018 ?? As far as I know that is going to be a busy day for stores on account of Christmas shopping. Nothing is happening black hole wise. - At least nothing within this solar system.

How do I simplify radicals as such?

10 answers · Mathematics · 14 hours ago
my math question is: √12 ——- (divided by) √9