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What is a group of ducks called?

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For a book. What would some annoying teenagers think of as a nickname for someone who’s just a bit serious and boring?

Best answer: This is obviously a joke but I'll play along; Hell no. She has never given s judgement in any level of court. I don't think the Supreme Court is a good place for anyone to start, in particular if you're a creepy robot person like her

Is this biased?

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Please bear with me here, I'm not very intelligent! In English, we're writing persuasive essays. My topic is very opinionated. I do not wish to share my topic. There are always two sides to persuasive essays, my teacher is making me argue for the side I don't believe in because of what she believes.... show more

Best answer: CPA, Culinary Arts, IT,, Nurses Aid, EMT, fireman,...

Governor of California in 1947?

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Need to find a year how?

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it would save school money on textbooks fewer textbooks mean fewer trees cut down for paper fewer spine injuries for kids and teens and would make learning fun this is a survey for a science fair project plz answer yes if you would want your school to replace textbooks with I-pads/tablets (with specific... show more

One of the questions asked me to provide examples of when I used strategic thinking and how I manage change. I am a quality inspector inspecting incoming and first article parts. I can not for the life of me think of anything to answer this with. Any tips or pointers or ideas or anything would be appreciated!

Can someone do my homework for me?

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Best answer: Just ditch it.

I need answers?

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I’m writing about cosmetics animal testing for an assignment for my English 10 class. It has to be in the form of a letter, but i’m not sure who to write to. Do I write to a specific company who still tests on animals? I’m not sure! Would really appreciate some ideas ASAP!