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What are four letter colors?

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Pee is stored in nutsack right?

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Best answer: Only if your nut sack is the size of a soccer ball. If it is don't come on here showing off.


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Religion and Politics Assignment: 1. Discuss the factors that make secularization and modernization to be a challenge to religion in the society. 2. It is often said that war is a continuation of politics by other means. How should a Christian approach the issue of war in politics? 3. How should a citizen... show more

What are the functions of a bus?

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Best answer: It's a structure that ties various circuits together in a digital device. Ex: Memory bus, or Power bus.

-3.6 divided by 1.8?

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Please help need help with homework

In my school, there’s a public presentation where you bring in something that you’re proud of (such as a trophy, badge, something you do after school) and you present it to your class for credit. The issue is, I’ve never done anything. I have never joined a sports team or earned a badge in anything. It doesn’t have... show more

Business Law?

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Joe purchases a parcel of land from Fred. Joe believes the land will increase in value because he has heard rumors that an Olive Garden restaurant will soon locate in the area. Soon after Joe and Fred complete the sale of the land, Olive Garden announces it will build the restaurant at a different location. Joe... show more

Best answer: Just do an internet search on GDP rank.

Best answer: complex question. imho, this depends entirely on whether or not Ms. Beaumont will be a witness in the trial. If not, then the "doctor's" testimony may be excluded by the court as violation of doctor-patient privilege. However, if Ms. Beaumont does testify, then, imho, Doctor can be called in... show more

Best answer: Stop it.

Can someone pleasee answeerr?

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