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Can a man wear a skirt ??

13 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
Best answer: yes they can

Can I wear this at a wedding?

23 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
Best answer: Sure. Strap on some heels and go.

Generally, why are White women considered more beautiful than Black women?

52 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 4 days ago
Not just in White majority countries. Even in Black majority countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Why is this the case? Is it related to "evolution"?

Is it weird for a 13 year old to go into Victoria's Secret?

15 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
So I basically want to go into Victoria's Secret because I want to get a new bra, panties, and a PINK perfume. I am a little nervous walking into there because I know it is a store for "Adults" but is it still okay if I go in there. I look like I am 16 but I really am 13. Will people look at me weird?

Can I wash my hair every day?

19 answers · Hair · 2 days ago
Best answer: If your hair feels gross then wash it. If you need to wash your hair every day then that's okay. I do the same, some times I leave it unwashed on the weekend if I'm not going out any where special. In the summer I had to wash my hair all most every day, I sweat a lot in my job (and I don't have air... show more

Would you ever get a face tattoo?

27 answers · Tattoos · 4 days ago
Best answer: No. Maybe one behind my ear or my lower neck.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

10 answers · Hair · 20 hours ago
I’m 16 and have a few hairs on my chin. My dad and grandfather could all grow beards. What age would I start being able to grow one?

Should I wear a skirt or skinny jeans to disney world?

16 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
Alright, last time I went to Disney World I blacked out and I don’t know if it was from dehydration or something else and I’m going again. It says it’s going to be around the 60s tomorrow but the high is a 79 and I’m going to be there all day. What do I do?

Why do girls wear skirts in winter too?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 19 hours ago

What is your hair color and eye color?

47 answers · Hair · 6 days ago

or would it look unfinished or something