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How can you make money online?

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I was trying to send my friend my old phone, just the phone itself with no box or additional items. I stupidly just bought a small padded envelope and a regular small letter 67p first class stamp for it and posted it in the mailbox. I now realise it would have needed a large letter stamp as it is is a little over... show more

Best answer: If your doctor says that you can't work due to psychological disorder and the plan covers that. Not all plans do.

I pawned my jewelry and I want to redeem it now. Do I have to pay for the redeemed fee plus the renewal fee? or the redeemed fee only?

I work at a grocery store and this lady comes in once a week and buys cases of paper towels for 1 cent a pack using this coupon. This coupon gets 5 dollars off 5 dollars leaving 1 penny to pay. Heres a scenario: 1 pack of 12 angel soft toilet paper for 5 dollars plus tax so 5.35 scan the coupon and the price... show more

I don’t know what to do :(?

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I am so screwed.. if someone can take pity on me and can trust a complete stranger until Friday you have no idea what it would mean to me. I work for an A/C company and just started this traded 7 months ago as a helper. I started only making hourly and only worked when there was work available.. cleaning the shop... show more

Is it not weird that we can have vending machines that take coins, dollar bills, and credit cards and yet laundry machines can only take quarters? Dont you think by now we should be able to put dollar bills into laundry machines? Why is it this kind of technology works for vending machines and has for many years... show more

Best answer: Where was it SHIPPING from? I purchased some glass bottles on them from China, it took 7 weeks.

I already have a job

Best answer: No they should not. I'm glad they're not coming to my state.

Someone I met online wants to create an upwork account with my real details like phone number, email, address and wants me to get verified with upwork. He wants to use my upwork account through my computer via Teamviewer. So that it will be as Im using upwork with my ip address. He recently got suspended from... show more

What is bitcion?

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For example, they come up with a million items, still trying to decide exactly what they want. Then they see the total, then they ask to take some items off, only to find they’re still short on cash, then they ask to remove some more. They leave their credit card at home because they assume you can just look it up... show more

Best answer: No, but organs are worth a great deal of money on the black market in certain parts of the world.