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Why will Stan Lee be back?

6 answers · 1 day ago
When can we expect the return of Stan Lee?

Best answer: I agree. The movie was WORSE than the series.

A few months ago a small white thing came out my throat I didn’t know what it was but it stunkkkk (stunk so much it made me gag) and just before it happened again and it stunk even more anyone have any ideas what it is

Best answer: Because they were old enough to be hand drawn and hand painted. So giving him white eyes would be two colors while the black dots used were just one color, let alone using three colors to give him blue eyes. Costs like this really added up in animation.when every single frame had to be hand painted.

They better

Best answer: I think it's great, can't wait to see it.

Best answer: English dubs are perfect. but if one is interested in the original language and speaks a little of it it he may enjoy watching the original voice more

I'm not just talking about the movies, you know. The comics and the cartoons as well. What's going to happen to it all? To me, the death of Stan Lee means the end of Marvel itself. What's going to happen now? Will Marvel stop doing what it does all together? Now I'm really scared. Stan Lee is one of... show more

Is Donald Duck still alive?

4 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Whoever originally did his voice is probably long gone by now.

Best answer: Loki's smarter than the both of them. Surtur loses to either one, but Loki using his magic...I say Zod and Doomsday can beat him in a struggle.

Even though Stan Lee died, could someone else dress up as Stan Lee so we can continue seeing him in all the Sony movies? I really want Stan Lee to still be part of our culture, so I think having him in all the Sony movies would be nice. Maybe he could be Iron Man as a cameo in the upcoming Sony movie Infinity War.