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Why usa nuked japan ( seriously )?

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okay because we want to end the war . its cliche answer .but how about stalin ? stalin declared war on japan so usa didnt want to share japan with soviets as they did for germany so they nuked japan to end situation immediately

I know Germany committed the Holocaust, but then the Allies committed "the Holocaust of bombs" against Dresden.

Recently I received this comment to an answer. Silly Welshman. Of course you have. The US owns the UK. Be a good little lapdog. Don't make us have to come over there and give you a dose of freedom that will make what the krauts did to you look like a slap on the wrist in comparison. Hank · 1 week ago. The US... show more

What has history taught us?

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I need help with this essay lol :(

Best answer: Climate Change causing drier conditions and more flammable ground cover apparently. That’s what experts are saying. Not because they’re not cutting down enough trees like totally uninformed know-it-all president is saying. As a matter of fact, if there were more trees there would be less flammable Ground cover and... show more

It’d seem like each block would have to be custom crafted to fit with the one before it.

Why are English people so hated?

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I know this is mostly to do with history but isn't it time to let all of that go? I have always heard things that English people are rude, selfish and arrogant when this is completely far from the truth. I visited England a few weeks ago and everyone I met were so kind and lovely. Many of them hate their... show more

How racist is/were the kkk?

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Best answer: 110%

Americans need to be proud of their history. They need to be proud of having defeating the natives just as they are proud to have won WW2. No difference. As a matter of fact, Germans are native to Germany, so by winning WW2 we were also defeating the natives of someplace else. Hypocrites