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Should I pay for her repairs and car rental or just go through my insurance? There is no cost to me to go through insurance, I have no deductible and first accident forgivesness. The only thing is my rates will go up if I have a second accident if I file a claim. I've been with my insurer for several years.

Driver 4 -> Driver 3 -> Driver 2-> Driver 1 Okay Driver 1 is chugging along and breaks all of a sudden(cause of bad traffic, she said), Driver 2 could not stop in time, rear ended Driver 1(which made his air bag deploy & hurt his hand enough to where he filed a report when he was at the hospital). I... show more

Car insurance cancelled?

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So my car insurance has been cancelled due to non-payment and I’ve been given two weeks notice. I wasn’t able to pay due to my job cutting down my hours but I’ve now got a new job. I’ve been looking for new insurance but no where will offer me car insurance now. If I cancel my insurance before the notice runs out,... show more

Best answer: Insurance fraud.

In an accident where other driver was found 100 percent at fault. Got a running a red light ticket but it was overturned in court.

So my car a 2017 focus ST was hit while it was parked outside my house, I submitted a claim on the at fault drivers policy. I spoke to the body shop and the estimate to fix is 22k,they told me it’s most likely a total lost, now I know the car it’s no worth that much, but the coverage of the at fault driver is only... show more

So the situation is I need a rental for my upcoming trip this month but I m only 20. My mom says she ll rent the car for me through my credit card since I have the funds. Overall, I have the money, my mom has the age, could we do that?

Is there a certain age limit (I.e at least 1 years No Claims and no more than say 3 points)?

I bought a car but had it put in my brother's name. Now that I want to sell it he refuses to sign over the title! So is there a way I can get a duplicate title from DMV even though it's not in my name?

Car insurance cancelled?

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This is my first car and I'm not sure how all this works. Last Thursday someone was drunk and came over to see my roommate and they hit my car. The damage isn't horrible but my front door is jammed shut. I didn't find out until Friday, I filed a police report on it. I contacted the woman who hit my car... show more

Best answer: It has been nearly 20 years since I took my test, but usually you need 2 forms of ID. A birth certificate, your social security number (even though your SS# isn't supposed to be used as a form of ID, but here we are), and you'll need proof of your... show more

Total loss car inspection?

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Best answer: They aren't repairing the upholstery, just the damage from the accident. If the repairs cost more than the value of the car, they call it totaled and give you blue book value, which is affected by the poor interior.