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Best answer: Most garages and car dealers will be happy to check and air up your tires for a 2 dollar tip. I would not ask them to do it for free.

Is Kia a good car brand?

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Best answer: KIA Motor Company is the second largest auto manufacturer in S. Korea, with world-wide production and sale of more than 3 MILLION vehicles last year. While many of their cars seem to be aimed at the low budget sales market, they offer long-term warranties on their products and appear to be of good quality. Some... show more

Does jiffy lube do coolant flushes?

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I have an older Subaru Outback. I know the head gaskets are failing but the repair would cost more than the car is worth so I plan to just drive it until it dies and then scrap it and move on. The "service engine soon" light comes on a lot, the code is related to an oxygen sensor in the exhaust, but the... show more

Best answer: You are forgetting an important aspect: with tires of the same circumference, the tire+wheel combination of 18 inch rim could be lighter than the 16 inch if they have the same width. The larger sidewall rubber could weight more than the larger size of the alloy that compensates for it.

In the daytime the dashboard light is bright orange I tried diming it but that won’t work. What will happen to the car if the dashboard light stays bright orange like this?

My ignition, battery and starter passed when i was at autozone. Sometimes when i turn my key to start my car, some times it will then ovet right away with no problem. Other times it will crank untill it turns over or sometimes it will crank and never start. I have a 06 nissian altima. There were times where my car... show more

The name doesn't suggest it (No TD on the badge) How can I tell? The owner doesn't know it apparently.

Best answer: Depends on thickness and temperature. Just to drive across a few hours . TO PARK for days at a time a little longer. There is no specific time for every possible combination of variables. Weight of vehicles, number of vehicles passing over per day temperature asphalt mix. Weight of roller that packed it... show more

So I was pulling out of the mall parking lot and there was this car to my right which was very improperly parked, pretty much hugging my car and angled. My car is a big bodied sedan and these spots were narrow plus there was another large sedan to my left. I think you know where this is I pulled out I... show more

Hi i own a chevy malibu with 98000 miles i recently got a p0011 code took it to autozone and their scanner said a bad camshaft possition sensor which i replaced. The light still on. Then i went to youtube and all the videos say the actuator selenoids need to be replaced which i just replaced with aftermarmet ones... show more

Best answer: An HONEST mechanic will drain the fuel tank and lines all the way to the injectors. Refill the gas tank and you're on your way. A dishonest mechanic will replaced the fuel tank and fuel pump, fuel lines and injectors and much, much, much higher cost. Diesel is more like a lubricant while gasoline is more... show more

Transmission Slipping?

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Best answer: the transmission is toast. find local shop at ATRA.COM for road test and estimate to repair

I drive a 2002 audi a4 and It appears that the open hood latch might be broken in my car and am not able to open it that way. Is there another way to open the hood by getting under the car is something? Car isn't on at all and battery is fully dead so i can't do it manually with the latch inside the car