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Can I just add brake fluid to my car?

17 answers · 14 hours ago
My pedal goes all the way down, I haven t added brake fluid since I had the vehicle which has been about 2 years. I know it needs a specific kind so my question is, can I buy it and then add it? Is there anything else I should be doing? Obviously, if I run out again then I probably have a leak and need to have it... show more

The oil life monitor warning message comes on around 6,000 miles on my Chey to change the oil. The Service advisor at Chevy said that 3k mile oil changes cause severe engine wear and total destruction of the pistons and rods. So what should I do?

Not to mention better fuel economy?

Is this car safe to drive?

17 answers · 1 day ago
My mom hasn't driven her car for nine months. She is taking it in for an inspection and to get fluids and oil changed and to get it checked. Is it safe to drive it a twenty-five minute distance? It starts up fine but what can happen if you haven't driven a car for nine months? Would it be better to tow it... show more

I’m currently stranded due to a broken down vehicle caused by a belt coming off the pulleys and a leaking water pump, but don’t know if the belt broke the water pump or if the water pump broke the belt. This car uses the old style belt configuration where the alternator, water pump, crankshaft and harmonic... show more

In February I was parked at a friends house when her brother backed into my 2005 Mustang. my car was also in second gear (oops) because I have a habit of parking my car as is. He definitely hit my car hard because the rear end was pushed over about a foot (I could see where the grass was scraped away). I want to... show more

I only use the car on weekends, as I take public transportation to work. So with the exception of occasional road trips, I rarely drive

I got my first car 5 months ago so still learning the basics. I don't often drive my car I only use it for going to the store and driving it for traditional purposes. But should I still brush the snow off my car today. Will snow harm the car?

Hello. So April 2017 is when I purchased my car at a dealership after being approved for an auto loan via the bank. The process was pretty smooth (especially after being in a wreck + totaled car so I was already a bit stressed out). After leaving the lot, the next day the engine light came on. I reached out to the... show more

How to fix heater problems?

9 answers · 1 day ago
My 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan's heater started to blow out only cold air while I was driving. The coolant levels are okay so what could be my problem?

Oil Change.?

43 answers · 6 days ago
I just recently gotten an oil change which is good for 6,000 miles. Should i still check my oil every once in a while to see if im low on oil or just wait to get a new oil change? Im new to this car thing. Everything is so confusing.

What is a tyre iron used for?

15 answers · 3 days ago

Wheel bearing noise?

8 answers · 1 day ago
Out of the blue about a week ago, I suddenly noticed this airplane like noise coming from the back of my car when id accelerate. It comes and goes, some days I won't hear it at all and some days its really loud. Could it be the wheel bearing? My tires are practically brand new if that makes a difference and the... show more

I test drove the car but couldn't go with a mechanic to see it.