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I moved out and I sold the washing machine and dryer that I bought to the next tenant. Before the next tenant confirmed that she would buy them, I already told the landlord that I have plan to sell them to the next tenant, otherwise I would sell them to others when we discuss about the moving with real estate... show more

I guess I was 90 days past but did not realize it ! How can the bank return the payment and then for close on me ?????

I recently moved into an apartment in a big city. It's a fairly small complex, with a locked front door. While regular weekday mail has no trouble arriving, ordering anything online and getting it delivered is a pain. Apparently neither UPS nor FedEx have keys to the building, so on any given day there are... show more

Best answer: You are not able to breach your lease agreement based on the fact that your wife think the house is haunted. If you breach your lease on these ground, there is normally a penalty for breaching the lease. Your wife had no problems prior to being informed of the death of a person in the rental unit. Now all of a... show more

I've been renting a room for 3 months in an apartment building. By the way the landlord is Chinese and able to speak some English. I signed a written 12 months lease but due to circumstances I had to move out early. The landlord also pointed out that she'd return my security deposit unless I find her a new... show more

Should I notify my landlord?

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We have been complaining to our management for a working refrigerator, and it took them almost a year to get us one. It ends up being a used one from his home. He probably used the money the landlord provided to him to get himself a new fridge and gave us his beaten down one. At the end the beaten down one breaks... show more

I went to pay my rent last month and there s a charge for a broken water meter. Ive lived in an apartment for a little over a year (it s a house turned into two apartments, the basement is on my half) and about a month prior I sent out a maintenance request for a leaking pipe. They fixed it and now my account says... show more

Please answer!?

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So, my fiancé and i unfortunately have an eviction in our records. Our roommate at the time flaked, and we had already covered her a*s before, and were broke from it. So we had to move out immediately, and I’ll admit, we didn’t handle it as well as we probably should have. We didn’t say much to our old landlords.... show more

Buy to let investors?

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Why do buy to let investors do interest only mortgages when they will not own the house at the end of the term? What happens to the house once they have paid the interest off and do not have money to buy the house.

Best answer: but he resents having to do this. A lot of my belongings are going, too Have you sat down and gone over finances with him? He should be grateful to have a place where he gets to live rent free. He's lost one house because of poor money management, don't let him do this to you also.

I applied for an apartment and was Approved, but due to construction, the apt I applied for won t be ready. They waited until after I applied and was approved to tell me this. They offered me a smaller apartment that costs 100 dollars more a month, and told me my application fee is nonrefundable. Can I report them... show more

Best answer: I would say no. Fair wear and tear is NOT deductible from your security deposit - only damages and maybe cleaning costs if you leave the place in a mess. Fair wear and tear is a small fee that's buried in the monthly rent you pay.

Mortgage fees so high normal?

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My son is taking out a mortgage Loan. The total. Cost of all the fees is $12,000. Is that normal for origination fee, broker, lender, etc. ?

Hi iam a first time buyer and i want to understand what are the steps in buying a house Do i try get a mortgage first or try look for a place? Any advice will be appreciated, also let me know what i should watch out for. So far I ve just been saving up in my LISA account. Many thanks.

How loud is too loud in an apartment?

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Best answer: Questions concerning noise in apartments are very common here. Noise is subjective. Some noise bothers certain people while others pay it no mind. The best thing to do is ask her, "This is my first apartment and I am concerned that my noise might be bothering you. Please let me know of my television or my... show more

We were to move in on July 1st. When we arrived, he was not moved out and the house was not clean. He left a boat taking up half of the garage behind and miscellaneous other things in the backyard. It was written in the lease that he needed to have his boat removed by the 14th at 9am. He was 3 hours late coming to... show more

Can anyone advise?

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Is it a better idea to rent or buy at 55

I am currently a sophomore in a community college finishing up my associates degree. My plan is to go to University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. I was planning on staying in a dorm but decided against it after seeing how really small and expensive it is. I have a job right now (12.00/hr) and I wanted to know how... show more