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Best answer: Because though many people will disagree, it is because we have God's spirit strengthen us, fortifying us so that we don't tire out. Jehovah's holy spirit gives us boldness, to continue in the face of opposition and ridicule. Because of Jehovah's backing we have become one of the largest printing... show more

Are you here to help people or just to be disrespectful?

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Best answer: I'm here to help people while I pass the time. Only people with emotional issues make an effort to be disrespectful.

What u believers gotta say about this?

30 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 weeks ago
If god does exist I will beat him down. Break his arms and legs. Punch him so many times. Say that's for allowing so much pain & suffering & killing millions. Cancer, starvation, rape, natrual disasters, massacres, murder, paralyzed, deaf, blind and other stuff. And say now you know the pain

What is the most overrated fast food chain ever?

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Colin Kaepernick? What exactly did he sacrifice?

18 answers · Civic Participation · 2 weeks ago
Our troops give their LIVES. Our police officers protect us day in and day out and they too give their lives. This chump was literally the worst QB in the league. 32nd of 32. Waa waa waa, I did a horrible job of throwing a ball.

Best answer: I tried to tunnel into Mexico once.

What do they sell at game stop?

9 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Video games? Obviously? You idiot

How to get free food from McDonalds?

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They even arrested a right winger in Scotland for having a racist dog

Does pizza hut serve whole wheat pizza?

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She is on a month to month agreement renting two rooms in our house. My wife and I want her out because she did not pay rent. We gave her a 30 day notice. Can we cancel this 30 day notice? How? The reason we want it cancelled is because we would rather give her a 3 day notice and after the three days if she... show more

Best answer: It happens to me too. Well if you’re in good physical shape it’s going to happen.

How can i get my 40 yr old cousin to like me as im in my 20s?

11 answers · Yahoo Answers · 2 weeks ago
I am a girl and i like my cousin and used to fantasize on him years ago. He is single apparently.