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What subway sandwich do you order?

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Meatball marinara? Steak and cheese? Maybe your own mix up?

Why does Origins prove Atheist liars?

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I ate at a restaurant yesterday and today while I was checking my bank account, I saw that the waiter had changed the tip amount to give herself a larger tip the night originally giving her. What should I do about this?

very good food and service

Popeyes fried chicken. I swear, there's never ever a time where I eat it, and don't need to take a number 2 afterwards. It always happen. Why? Doesn't matter what I've eaten that day. I always have to use the restroom afterwards, like 30 minutes after eatitng.

How much does the Cheesecake Factory restaurant cost for one person?

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It's my mom's birthday and she's taking me, my dad, and my 5 siblings to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but I heard it's super expensive and it's stressing me out that it'll be over 500$ just for us to eat there.

Liquid sandwich?

15 answers · Fast Food · 4 days ago
Best answer: I think if you put all the parts seapartely in a blender, then put them in the glass layered, like a Tequila Sunrise. So the fist sip is the bread, then the next is liqiufied pickle, then nex tsip is liquid mayonaise, then the next sip is liquid beef. then liquid cheese,

What's proper attire for a fast casual restaurant?

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You order at the counter but they bring you the food

Also, there was never any American politician, president or celebrity of color.

Best answer: They did. It's called 50 Shades of Grey and Captain America. Thor. Batman. Superman. Ant Man. Guardians of the Galaxy. Wonder Woman. Stop being selfish.

Guys what are you eating right now?

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Is everyone that works at Greggs called Greg?

10 answers · Bristol · 4 days ago
Best answer: YES!! I was wondering this too as the the three times i ve ever been I was served by a Greg!!!

Are you glad that Robin William is dead?

14 answers · La Plata · 6 days ago

What is a grilled McMuffin at McDonald’s?

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