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We ve only been moved in for a week, and one night one of our dogs barked after we d gone to bed. He only barked for 2 mins maximum (and he s only small so not a big bark) and the neighbours banged on the bedroom wall really loud. My partner and I were so scared - we re 2 girls in our early 20s and he s a man in... show more

Whats the best space heater that doesn't run your electric bill high?

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Can peas be grown in a container?

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When you have someone house sit for you what do you do?

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Do you provide food for them? or Do they have to provide their own food?

How do I undo bleach on an Apple Watch?

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I accidentally got bleach on my watch and everything but the screen turned pink. How do I get it back to space gray?

I graduated high school and because of my health, my doctor has forbidden me from working or going to school as we work on my lungs. I'm home 24/7 and am slowly going insane. All my friends work full time or go to school. My day goes by as so (wake up, let dogs out, clean, clean, clean, clean, eat, clean,... show more

Best answer: spray them with a stain remover b4 wash

How much should a simple renovation be?

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The house is 1200 square feet, and everything needs to be replaced. The price will be reduced because my dad is someone who does houses for a living and will do it for me. But how much should all the materials and tools cost. Its 2 bath and 2 bd rooms

Who wants to buy my waterbed?

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I want to use it to plug in a slide out on a mobile home and it only has 2 female outlets.

My ceiling fan uses bulbs with a smaller base. What kind of bulb is this?

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I managed to find some CFL s with this size base last time I needed replacements, but I m trying to figure out what these are "called," and I also really want to LED s if possible. It s a normal scew-type base, but smaller. The bulbs I m finding are all way too dim. I m actually hoping to order them... show more

Eletrical help?

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I have exposed wire that is sparking when dryer is turned on. How do I go fixing this? Was probably ruined with condensation from my basement. Dont want to get hurt fixing. Dont want house to catch fire.

How can I stay clean without taking any showers or baths?

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Best answer: Sponge baths and/or baby wipes. Check out CheapRVLiving on YouTube. He's got a few videos about the subject and all his interviews cover it.

Best answer: beat the shiit out of them with an umbrella :^ )

Why is my house getting hotter than the thermostat is set for?

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I keep my thermostat at 68/69 so if it gets colder than that the heater kicks on and my kids don't freeze (I would prefer it cooler). Lately I will wake up at night or walk into my apartment after work and it will be HOT in the house. I will check the temperature and it will say 74 degrees and the heater is... show more

Poll: Does your home have a smart meter?

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Best answer: I have a smart meter. The only thing it does for me is I can look up my electrical usage every day online, which is more convenient than having to go out to the meter to manually monitor it. Regardless once you develop good energy habits you don't need to worry about the meter anyway.

What is the best kind of tape?

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i just want to know what the best kind of tape is

Best answer: What do you feel constitutes proof? I'm hardly going to post a pic of my paycheck stub. And even if I did, you would pull the usual conservative crap and say it wasn't really mine or something. Slightly more than half the county identifies as being liberal. Just to make it easy for you, that's about... show more

Best answer: They would know you turned it back on and would just turn it off again, just pay the dang bill already, if you are financially unable, contact them, many places have programs for people on limited income pay heating.

Which season is the best to plant a butternut squash?

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