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What is the best flower for a first date?

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Best answer: so a man won't like them because they have a career, have hobbies, make money, and can be aggressive? femininity has NOTHING to do with having a career, hobbies, money, and being a tom boy or aggressive. sounds to me like they dodged a bullet with you. go back to your own god forsaken time period lmao. btw,... show more

I've been seeing a guy for nearly two years, our relationship was very rocky and was not the healthiest. He's now in prison for a drug offence he committed prior to us meeting. I never knew about this and only found out once he was convicted, I also found out through a family member that he had committed... show more

Best answer: Yes. But it is also wrong to stay WITH a toxic parent. Why is it wrong to move in with a boyfriend or marry him to get away from your parent? - First of all, moving in and living together without marriage has a 75% breakup rate. So if you are not ready to move out on your own, you will end up being on your own... show more

Someone help please?

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Hello. Im in a really terrible situation. For the last month or so I've been using my grandmothers credit card to buy food so I can put on weight to please my 48 year old boyfriend. I'm 23. He likes bigger woman, and Ive even noticed him being nicer to me with weight.Not to say he isn't a nice guy, he... show more

Best answer: if you enjoy sex with her then keep sleeping with her but stop calling her your gf to other people. she's not a lady. she's a slut. call her your lover, and be von the look out for a proper lady who deserves the traditional benefits a gentlemen provides her bc she has conducted herself like a traditional... show more

Gf wants me to stop talking to our mutual friend?

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My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years. My girlfriend and I have a long term friends of ours. His name is Kaleb. Kaleb knew my girlfriend first and then we kind of met. But Kaleb told me a week ago that my girlfriend was cheating . He basically said she was trying to make a move on him.... show more

Can my brother kick me and my sister out?

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Best answer: You are very entitled.

Earlier this week I told her I just got ingaged and asked her to be a bridesmaid. She told me that she was honored for being considered for the important role but would regretably have to turn it down as she and her family were planning a vacation during that week. I guess going to Universal Studios is more... show more

Is pre-marital sex bad?

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Best answer: First of all, you are to be commended for caring about what God thinks and being willing to make changes in your life to please him. Because God cares about us and wants us to be happy and avoid the myriads of problems that often come from having sex before marriage, the Bible says: “For this is what God... show more

Are millennials simply adults who still have the mind of a child?

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How do I tell my children their father had an affair?

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I filed for divorce from my husband of 20 years after I found out he’s been having an affair with 2 different women (possibly more.) he’s admitted to the two I know about, I’m devastated. My kids are 16, 12, and 10 and they don’t know the reasons behind our divorce just that we are separating. How do I tell them... show more

Yesterday I was driving home from shopping and I saw my nephew with his friend, (his friend was born here but his parents are from Mexico) I stopped the car to talk to my nephew and during our conversation his friend took a cell phone call and began speaking in Spanish, I was appalled, when the call ended I asked... show more

I don’t understand why a dating couple/married couple would want a threesome and have another person join in their sex. I feel it’s really disrespectful and I consider it cheating.

Why does my husband masturbate daily in the shower?

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I have been with my husband for a few years now and the sex life is fantastic. We are romantic and passionate and we try different things and we both agree that there is no problem with anything in our life. We are a happy married couple and we have sex almost daily. But yet I still find him sneaking masturbation... show more

At what point is a fetus considered a life?

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Can anyone turn 18 without any knowledge of sex?

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I mean the concept of marriage and reproduction. like "Saints" or something?

How to not be rude when setting a wedding date!?

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My fiancé and I have been together for 8 years. We are engaged this month and would like to get married on paper December 2019. I want to have our wedding June 2020. My best friend from college was engaged before me, December 2019 and set her wedding date for November 2020. We share a lot of friends, and her... show more