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Are you mixed race?

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What charities do you donate to?

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Best answer: I don't donate to charities as they are just big business paying themselves hundred of thousands of pounds. If they found cures for cancer etc they would all be out of jobs, think about it. I give to my local dog rescue centre as I know where the money goes and they don't pay themselves.

negotiating with anyone and is not stable enough to be President?

Which users on here are on benefits?

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Best answer: The shadow thing, he has been on here all day moving his questions out of the "Women's Health category.

Do you respect the British military?

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Aren't you proud of Alabama?

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Wow! Now hundreds of women are going to be extra secretive about their pregnancy, and now you won't even know if they're pregnant or not anyway! wow! and, they probably won't even tell their families in case they decide that they need to terminate, because ya never know who's gonna snitch, yo. WOW!... show more

Best answer: There lies the double standard hypocrisy, it's never about morality and always about business and protecting interests

Are you excited about the EU elections?

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I'm quite looking forward to this bout of them.

Best answer: She didn't say if Remain would be on the ballot paper as an alternative to her deal. Without that option I can't see it getting much support in parliament.

What do you think of the Germanic racial type?

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You know who this is.

The Brexit party is on course to secure more support at the elections than the Conservatives and Labour combined. Anti-Brexit parties combined are projected to get 31 percent of the vote. Are these elections a proxy for a second referendum on the UKs EU membership?

Best answer: Does it really matter? Today’s races will gradually disappear and we will all become one race. And Maria is wrong as usual.... (1) According to the article below and other studies I have come across, bi-racial offsprings tend to be healthier, taller, more intelligent and longer - lived than less genetically -... show more

Best answer: Your against "free speech" so who's the commie and socialist now???????????????

It seems to me that Green voters do tons of air travel

Have you voted in the EU Parliament Referendum?

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The form is oversized, what do you make of it