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I spilt water on my phone.?

8 answers · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Well that was pretty stupid. Turn it off, remove the battery and SIM card. Remove any external moisture using kitchen paper. Place the phone and battery in silica gel (failing that, dry, uncooked rice might work) for three days to allow it to fully dry out before turning it back on.

Best answer: Both companies make great products. When one releases a better camera or faster processor you can bet the other company is working on this. iPhones typically are easier to navigate within the interface but I personally pick android considering some of iPhones recent changes such as removing the headphone jack.... show more

Why do people like Apple?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Everyone else likes it

This person literally called me poor just because I have a Samsung 😑.

So my boyfriend jokingly put my phone in the microwave and started it but instantly turned it off. Well later I noticed when I turn on the Wi-Fi, it stays on "searching for networks" and will not connect to anything. I just wanted to see if anyone had a simular situation so I can confirm that it was in... show more

Best answer: Better camera, more battery life and bigger screen

When should I change my iPhone?

6 answers · 4 days ago
My battery health is art 96 percent after 23 months. the battery is still ok.

Galaxy s5 black screen?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: The only help will come with a visit to a cellphone repair shop, you getting an estimate for the repair cost, and then deciding if the phone is worth paying the repair costs or buying the same phone used or new. For me, if the repair cost is $100, with a 30 day warranty, and a brand new one is $150 with a one year... show more

How do I change my cell number?

14 answers · 1 week ago

How long will a iPhone 8+ last?

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My android phone won t charge?

9 answers · 6 days ago

So I'm typing this on an Android. I like both phones, but I somewhat prefer Apple. So I asked that if my grades are good by Christmas, i could get an iphone. It doesnt have to be the X, or an 8, it could be an se or a 6. Thing is, my parents are android users. No apple products in my house. My mom previously... show more

I've been asking this question for yrs. No one knows the answer. I'm going to try to explain this simply. EVERY ANDROID phone I've ever owned has done this. There is a software update. It gives me the option to install now, later or overnight. I always choose overnight. BUT EVERY MORNING I LOOK AT MY... show more