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Is this computer halfway decent for my mom?

18 answers · Desktops · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Sounds like an ordinary computer box, should work. But trying to use more than 4GB of RAM on a 32 bit operating system is not possible. More important is why the existing desktop has problems. Guessing that no basic maintenance of the system has been done. Proper cooling. Cleaning up fans and heatsink of the... show more

How can I connect a laptop with windows 10 to dial-up service?

28 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 weeks ago
Many folks say that this is impossible. I live in Arlington and I want to find a service that works here.

How can i increase the print size?

14 answers · Printers · 2 weeks ago

Which laptop is better hp or dell?

47 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago

Why is my computer always heating up?

21 answers · Desktops · 2 weeks ago

Hoping for under $5

Best answer: Uninstall the driver. If it persists even with a generic driver then your screen itself is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired. If it goes away, go to your manufacturer's website and download the latest driver from them directly.

Why are you not answering my question to how to share a book on kindle?

10 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago

Why are my laptop fans constantly running?

42 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago

Should I buy a demo laptop?

23 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago
It's half the price of a brand new one. It comes with two years' warranty, so at least I can get two years of use out of it. But it's been on display for one and a half year.

Will This CPU Fan be compatible with my computer?

5 answers · Other - Hardware · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Look for a CPU cooler that supports the AM3+ socket. The one you listed is for AMD Thread Ripper CPUs, so it wouldn't work with your AM3+ socket CPU.

Best answer: That's normally something you take care of using your monitor's menu. It is not a Windows setting. There used to be "Horizontal" and "Vertical" monitor settings that allowed one to adjust how much of the desktop was seen on the monitor.

Can't get sony sound system to work with my computer?

8 answers · Desktops · 3 weeks ago
my sony sound system won't work with my computer but it works with everything it stop working when moved not sure why its not working


7 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago
My Grandmother has $2000 HP Laptop. Windows 10, fingerprint scanner, Intel processor..... One day, it starts up and says to create an account for 1st time use. (She s been using the computer for 2 years) So what the hell happened? She is not text Savvy enough to know how to delete a user account. So what... show more

Graphic Card Upgrade Help?

5 answers · Add-ons · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: So, we know you have a decent CPU and enough ram. You provided a series number for a Dell system. You provided a game to judge what you need. More information is still needed from you. The game https://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=6236&game=War%20Thunder a 2013 online sim war game Graphics card... show more

Can I buy a good gaming laptop for under 900 dollars?

15 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 3 weeks ago