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Best answer: Because ANYBODY can edit Wikipedia pages, for example I could change the article on the Solar System to say "The Solar System is just over eight miles wide and contains fifty-thousand planets, each one is inhabited by a difference species of sentient rabbit." Even excluding such obvious vandalism, many... show more

How is the team at Hubi Exchange?

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Who knows about the Hubi exchange?

How are videos from before the internet on the internet?

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Is facebook down?

6 answers · Facebook · 14 hours ago

What is facebook?

8 answers · Facebook · 3 days ago

Should Facebook collect Americans medical records?

7 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago
I think Facebook should secretly collect Americans medical records

How to find Car and Trucks spare parts website?

7 answers · Google · 3 days ago

Which Q&A websites do you use?

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Is face book down for the moment?

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Being harassed?

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These two girls are harassing me on Facebook, i a not bothering anyone and still being harassed. i'm afraid they might find out where i live because my parents aren't well and I don't want anything to happen. I called the police and they didn't want to do anything to help

Best answer: It's called cookies. You click an ad or site, cookies are installed on your computer to focus ads on things they think you would like, based on things you looked at or bought previously. Go into your browser settings and delete cookies.

Hacking his Instagram ?

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Is there a way to hack into my bf's instagram? He resented hid his activity so now I can't see when the last time he's been on is.... How can I get in?

same on my phone and computer. keep getting a message that says "something went wrong try refreshing this page". i keep hitting refresh and still get the same thing. It s not like i desperately need to see people complaining about politics/cat videos and stuff right now Id just like to know why this is... show more

Will Facebook ever cost money to use?

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Best answer: it says on the log in page, 'It’s free and always will be.'

Is Facebook not working right now?

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For some weird reason, Facebook doesn't think I am who I really am so I had to send them a picture of myself, as I did. Now Facebook is reviewing my picture and I can't use my account. It's been like this die hours now and I still can't use my account. How long will this take? Could I potentially... show more

Why is access to the internet forbidden in every country?

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