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I want one that is discrete any suggestions leave links or name some and no phone suggestions thats stupid.

Best answer: We don't know if you already have: Microphones (there is no single best mic - it depends on the scene). At a minimum, a shotgun (condenser) mic and a couple of wireless lavalieres. Just this could use your entire $850 budget. I use Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Sony (professional) mics and lavs. Audio... show more

Or at least have the camera facing low enough that it is not over the fence of my neighbor's front door so I can avoid legal trouble

Best answer: It is a home video. Find a functional VHS machine and find out what's on the tape.

I need this camera for recording a short documentary style video which I will display online and on some large screens. I am only going to use it on this one occasion, however it must provide me with good quality video. I wouldn't like to spend more than £200, but if it could be less than £100, that is good.... show more

Best answer: Depends on the format and how the raw data is stored. Video (simple version) used to be counted at about 4 mBytes per minute for a good playback, but one could get reasonable stuff at less than 1mByte per minute. And it also depends on how you get the 32 gBytes -- you could use 8gByte SD acrds or USB drives, and... show more

Why are video cameras so expensive?

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I mean, seriously, I've been to a lot of electronic stores, and all their video cameras are off the charts expensive. It seemed like video cameras used to be more affordable. And seeing that high quality cameras are practically an addition to all smart phones nowadays, I figured the price would go down a... show more

I'm looking to shoot interviews and b-roll (indoor and outdoors) for personal documentary projects. I have a budget of around $4,000 for a camera body. I will likely be on my own shooting, so it would be nice to have built in XLR inputs so I don't have to deal with audio separately. At this point I have... show more

Can you recommend a good, but cheap camera that I could use to film videos? I searched a lot and found this one. Is it reasonable?

My BF is a fan of filmmaker, his birthday is coming soon, so I want to send a Camcorder to him as a gift. But I am not familar with Camcorder, I want some advices. Thank you. I am so tired, I searched a lot and found this one. How about this one?

Best answer: You will probably need some help from a local expert. Determining the Exact cause without looking at the equipment in person is very difficult, but poor tape-to-head contact is a likely problem. It could be due to dirty or worn video heads, incorrect tape tension, or worn-out tape(s). Other potential causes... show more

I have converted some Hi8 tapes from my Sony camcorder and they have been converted into .AVI files. I want to edit the videos, is .AVI the best file format for editing them or should I convert to another file format first? Obviously I want the files to be of high quality after editing so I m not concerned with the... show more

Best answer: They learn their craft, which includes using camcorders instead of still cameras to shoot video.

I recorded a video on my laptop (it has windows 10) then later went to watch it back and realised i had the mic turned off, meaning there's no sound in that video. I was proud of that video and i don't want to have to do it all over again as i won't be able to do it as well as i did in that video. So... show more

Camcorder that uses 8mm and SD cards?

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I'm looking for an 8mm camcorder to transfer old home videos, but I've also been looking for a camcorder in general (that uses SD cards obviously) and was wondering if there's ANY out there that can do both just to save money? Probably not, but just asking.