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I need help with my computer?

7 answers · Other - Computers · 3 weeks ago
my pc is stuck in the repairing pc mode .. when it brings me to a list of options to resolve the issue NONE of them work and come out as failed i don’t know what else to do i even tried wiping my pc clean by resetting the pc and that still failed i really need to use it by tomorrow i can’t do anything else on it at all

It’s a Seagate Barracuda 500Gb. I no longer have the actual PC, I use a Mac now, but I do have an old laptop PC if that helps.

Red devil must have been at the stadium thanking his hero for destroying united, lmao

specs: ryzen 3 2200g *OC*, gtx 760 8 gb ddr4 128 gb ssd and 1 tb hdd. Got This on a bargain for 350 dollars there was a red dragon mechanical keyboard and a gaming mouse (idk brand) included.

Best answer: When people stop buying it at full price. There's no point in lowering the price if enough people are willing to spend as much as it currently costs.

Best laptop for this?

9 answers · PC · 4 weeks ago
My laptop is currently falling apart and my mother would like to replace it for Christmas. She has a work program. Now, the limit will be 1500 for the laptop. I run a few pages and websites for dog training, digital art is made with a digital pen on the computer (must be able to handle gimp), and I play sims and... show more

Should i get a switch, pc or xbox?

4 answers · PC · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: a lot of Xbox one games are on PC via windows 10. but, a Xbox One S and or X can be as much as $500 new. an S is 250 new. a good gaming PC can cost around 700-800+. depending on what specs you want with it. a lot of games on PC can play with a Xbox One controller, should you not want to use mouse and keyboard.... show more

Whats your nane?

13 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 1 month ago

I purchased a CyberPower Gaming PC from Amazon and it arrived on Friday. After following the instructions on installing the PC and buying the external hardware I was finally ready to download steam and play my first game. Unfortunately, I quickly realized a huge problem and it's that the pc can barely run any... show more

Best answer: Video games leads to violent behavior. The ESRB ratings need regulated

Do any 30 year old aged people still play on playstation?

13 answers · PlayStation · 1 month ago

Any female gamers play on Xbox 360 still?

7 answers · Xbox · 1 month ago
Do you have a gamertag I can add please?