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Help me understand PC gaming graphics?

4 answers · PC · 1 day ago
Best answer: Any version of the GTX 1060 should have no problem running Witcher 3 at 60 fps at 1080p . You can always search youtube videos to examples. Just be mindful the laptop version of the 1060 runs slower than the desktop version.

Ps4 external hard drive/ saved data?

1 answer · PlayStation · 4 days ago
i’m currently trying to figure out if i connect a usb drive into my ps4 as an external hard drive and be able to automatically upload data to it just like the psn plus does auto upload. the thing is i don’t have ps plus but i do game share with my friend and i get the online multiplayer but i don’t get the online... show more

Can I play this game in local coop with joystick or not? They say you need some kind of patch or something, but then I came across another thread where it said they fixed Coop on PC. Have anyone played this game on pc from steam and does it have local coop or not?

Long story short, I ve bought replacement sticks on Amazon before and I got scammed. They all had some drift or offset. Can anyone recommend me a reliable seller on eBay or Amazon?

Xbox one or switch? I can’t choose?

10 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago

Can a retropie play playstation 1?

8 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
So.... I was wondering if i can put ps1 games on a retropie os

HDMI Cables?

8 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
Best answer: The cheapest cable will work the same as the dearest.

Which PS4 should I get:PS4 slim or PS4 pro?

6 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
I am interested in buying a ps4, but I do not have a 4k tv. From what I read on youtube, they say that if you never had a ps4, the ps4 pro is worthy regardless whether you have a 4k tv or not. But at other websites they say its not. Which do you think its worth it?

The newer the console the more it breaks............................ I just play video games on it.

He wants to play fortnite and stream on twitch. But when we does this the stream is very laggy and lagging behind. Is this PC powerful enough for this??? I apologise I don t know anything about computers

What is the best Xbox game?

5 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Big Chungus

Best answer: It should have no negative effect.

What is wrong with the Xbox ?

3 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago
I'm trying to get my sisters Xbox One set up but all the settings are in Norwegian. I have to look up the words just to understand what they mean I don't know what were doing because we can't read it we got part of it. It won't let us change the language we haven't gotten that far yet we just... show more

I am having trouble with loading brothers in "arms:hell's highway" can anybody help? Below iv'e provided a screenshot of what it says is wrong, but i don't know what its talking about. im playing this off of steam if that helps.

I always use my headphones on my PC, but the sound isn't good. So I bought some decent speakers which sound good, but when I plug my headphones into them it's the same as if I plugged them into the PC. Do I need to buy better speakers.. or some kind of better headphones? I thought If I plugged them into the... show more

What's wrong with xbox remote ?

3 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Nothing is wrong with the controller (remote). The issue is with the console itself. You shut it down improperly during setup and it is in a failed state. The controller is attempting to connect (the flashing) and not succeeding. Start at the source below, i believe the hard reboot SHOULD clear it up.