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Best answer: "I m failing" Nuff sed. n e x t

How do you dodge a military draft?

13 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Being rich helps.

new evidence suggests

Best answer: I'm pretty sure only males can join.

They are the only two People I have ever heard of with that last name.

Why do people still cook?

188 answers · 1 week ago
Seems so antiquated to me. Why would you ever buy food and cook it yourself, when you can order it and have it delivered to your door already prepared? I haven’t cooked a thing in years. Drive thus have been a thing for decades yet I can’t see why cooking wouldn’t become obsolete. So to all the cookers out... show more

Best answer: No,I always have a policy for anyone that loses all their clothes in a public place can tend to their own modesty concerns

Best answer: Chelsea is Hillary's Biological daughter. She is not Bill's child. Hillary had an affair in the beginning of their marriage.

Where can I find blinker fluid?

7 answers · 4 hours ago
My son said that he needed blinker fluid for his car and I said I would get some for him, and so I went to a bunch of auto stores and they chuckled and see they were all out of stock. Can someone tell where I can get it?

As in the KKK is based on fairy tales and not science like is Nazism.