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Stripper and single mother.....?

22 answers · Parenting · 14 hours ago
I'm a single mother of three. I use to dance before kids but stopped beacuse of the guy I was dating at the time. Well long story short. I lost my job and got be find on my bills. Thinking about going back to dancing just to get back on my feet. I feel bad that I have to go back. Does being a stripper make you... show more

Do you like Shaylor as a girls name?

26 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago
Best answer: Yea. It's very rare, very legendary.

What do you think of the name Margaret Alexandra Grace?

25 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Anxious after losing virginity?

22 answers · Pregnancy · 2 days ago
I lost my virginity a little over a week ago and ever since i ve been super anxious about possibly being pregnant. I used a condom plus im on birth control, but the worry is still there. I noticed my breasts being slightly tender, but other than that, I haven t experienced any other pregnancy symptoms I believe. Is... show more

What is the worst pet to have: A dog, a hamster or a kid?

16 answers · Parenting · 22 hours ago
Best answer: A hamster because they run around on a wheel all night while you are trying to sleep. You can train a dog and a kid.

What do you think of the name George for a boy?

14 answers · Baby Names · 9 hours ago

Boy middle name that start with E?

25 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
Best answer: Quentin Elijah Quentin Easton Quentin Eric Quentin Evan Quentin Ethan Quentin Elia Quentin Elliott Quentin Elisha Quentin Elwood Quentin Ellison Quentin emeric Quentin Emery Quentin Emmett Quentin Eugene Quentin. Ezekiel My favorite Quentin Ezekiel and Quentin Elijah

Which name do you like best Matilda or Matilde?

28 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago

How do you talk to your kids about "bad" words?

18 answers · Parenting · 2 days ago
I'm just asking since I'm planning on having kids. I know that young children shouldn't be using swear words. But I'm just wondering how exactly I should teach them about this. I don't have an issue with swearing whatsoever. Using these words don't make you a terrible person. They're... show more

Do you like the name Mya (My-Ah) or Alessandra more?

22 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

If a baby never cries, smiles, or plays does that mean they are a psychopath?

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Asking for myself

We have a 4 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. Our son likes to play with his sister's Barbie dolls. I personally don't have a problem with it, but my husband doesn't like it at all. Whenever he catches him playing with them, he takes them from him and hide them. Our son starts crying and screaming... show more

What do you think of the name Wyatt Spencer for a boy?

15 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Best answer: I would say until they start questioning you. Almost always will a child ask you about it when they are young so I don't think you have to worry about them getting older and older and still believing. But in the end it's up tp you. I personally would allow them to enjoy their childhood and let them keep... show more

I can't come up with my daughter's name Stella or Ruby?

26 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago
Best answer: Ruby is definitely better

Is tyrone a cute name for a white baby?

9 answers · Baby Names · 7 hours ago
I have only seen BLACK babies named Tyrone I think that my WHITE baby should be named Tyrone.