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Best answer: I think Asian cultures have the most beautiful. Indian, Chinese, Indonesian...AMAZING and so colorful and rich and glamorous. Why? Because they keep with traditions that have been around for thousands of years. I know, a lot of those countries are becoming Westernized, which is sad, but these elaborate saris with... show more

How should I enhance my beauty?

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Ok spare me the, your beautiful the way you are, beauty comes from within, I know chill. I just want to look prettier outside to feel more confident and stuff, I’ve been going through some stuff lately. Which Should I do: Permanent lip color Permanent eyeliner Tattooed brows Eyelash extensions / or tint

My boyfriend keeps asking if he can do my makeup. I’m like a little turned off. Every time I ask him why, he never answers me. I don’t know why but it’s a little alarming. It peaks my interest and has me wondering if he’s gay? Anybody ever run into these type of situations? I’ve heard my friends say their... show more

Is this a compliment or insult?

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“I can teach you how to do your makeup”

If the animals don't look sexy... How will you?!?

My face seemly rejects foundation?

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I have normal skin that hardly ever gets oily or dry I do have acne (I dont expect my foundation to cover and have tried alot of things to get rid of) and I have tried all sorts of different foundations and even some primers to go underneath (the primers tend to make it worse) but they all tend to do this. I... show more

Best answer: because they dont care what happen

Best answer: Mostly matte with only a little shimmer. NEVER glitter.

Best answer: As we grow and mature there are plenty of firsts and it is perfectly normal to be slightly intimidated. If you want tomorrow to be your first day of wearing make up to school, by all means do it proudly.

or would it look unfinished or something

Best answer: Marks and Spenser or Saibsbury