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like seriously ive always wondered this. they need to make a sequel

If you’re reading this you’re either thinking that I’m dreaming too big or that it is unnecessary to post it here but this is a dream I’ve had for the longest time and honestly that’s all I want to do. The only career I have interest in. I’m 17 and at this stage we are starting to decide what paths we are going in... show more

Best answer: Most good actors have been trained to be able to learn accents to order and have a natural ability to do so. They also get a dialect/accent/language coach to work with them, for many weeks if necessary. Some actors never manage to adopt a really convincing accent - it depends on the individual. EDIT It doesn't... show more

Austrian English Actress?

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Best answer: Have you tried the hotel and ski resorts needing people to dress in local costume and participate in street festivals? I don't know about paid acting jobs, but I do know that some of the big churches in Innsbruck have winter Christmas pageants and need dancers and people in costume in the pageant to be in the... show more

Best answer: Read the books and decide. Suchet gained more creative control of the scripts halfway through - with the consent of the Agatha Christie Estate - and both the Poirot character and the teleplays became edgier than the books IMO. Christie married off Hastings and sent him to Argentina. He occasionally returned to... show more

Best answer: My parents had 5 children and none of us were greatly influenced by our parents career choice when choosing our own careers. My own two older children are more interested in pursuing their own interests rather then considering what me or my husband had as our careers. And given the current economy, the chances... show more

What was a matinee idol?

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What is a Drama/theatre critic?

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Best answer: A failed actor,turned professional cynic that passes judgement on successful actors to make themselves feel better

Best answer: (I saw No Man's Land last year in London! The Small Small World music is loud sometimes.) I live in a city that has an equity-level theater, a long day's drive (or train ride) from NYC. Every year one or two of those plays have someone familiar from TV or occasionally the movies. Most often it's not an... show more

Best answer: "I Will Survive"

What actor said it?

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What is Romeo's most likely age?

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Best answer: Mid-teens. Juliet was 13. Romeo, judging from his behavior and all, was not much older. He was so obsessed with Rosaline that he decided to crash the Capulet party. The next morning, when Friar Lawrence guessed that Romeo had been up all night, he accused Romeo of having been with Rosaline! But Romeo said no,... show more

Do theatres have a dress code?

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Best answer: We do local equity plays, Broadway, and London. While most people do dress up, from jacket and tie or fancy dress to business casual, it's not remotely unusual to see people in jeans and T-shirts, especially young people who don't realize it's a different experience from going to the movies. There is... show more

Macbeth, Macduff, Duncan, Banquo, Witches, Lady Macbeth, etc.

Hello! I am a 13 year old, introverted theatre brat named Alyssa. I am in 8th grade, and in high school theatre! In HST we have to do a UIL play for a summative. Everyone has to be involved, and I love acting. I auditioned for the lead role, Becky, (btw, we are doing Zink: The Myth, The Legend, The Zebra) because,... show more