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I need an argument of at least 16 lines from ANY PLAY. Can't be a musical or film but yea any fight or argument. Would super appreciate any ideas! Thank you!

Best answer: When you aren't shushed, stopped or interrupted, when they stop talking and watch you intently and when they let you complete your piece. It can also be the opposite, when they ask you to do something more, give you something to read and then come back or if they start whispering a whole bunch between... show more

It is a leading role and I want to be an actor when I’m older. How can my character be realistic (clothes, wig, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc) ? How can my character have boobs and a female hips and butt? Also what advice do you have for sitting, walking and talking like a female? My character has to wear a skirt... show more

Should I minor in Acting?

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I am a Management major but I have always had an interest in Acting. My school offers a minor in Theatre which I am considering taking but I am not sure if it would be a waste of time or not. Thanks!

I went to college. Started as a Sports & Movement Science major, wanted to be a GM of a sports team originally, realized I hated Business, switched to Communications sophomore year, wasn't motivated that much about Journalism, took my first acting class senior year and loved it. Now I want to be an actor. I... show more

I’m 14 and want to be an actor?

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hi i’m 14 and i want to be an actress. i’m very shy but i’ve heard that most actors are introverts. i have a backup plan to be a chemical engineer and i will still go to college. my question is what type of acting classes are there in college to go to that won’t like make me do a play. i can act but i can’t act on... show more

I’m 14 and have acting questions?

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hi i’m 14 and i have a couple questions about acting. i have this intuitive feeling that i’m SUPPOSE to be an actress like it’s a huge feeling i have no idea what it is it’s just a feeling and the only problem with me is that i don’t think i can perform live acting like at a theater. I think i’m better acting... show more

How do i become an actress, im 14 and i was thinking about joining fpac while im in highschool to gain experience, i want to become a chemical engineer as a backup plan and still go to college just in case you know?, i just want some advice if thats a good idea or not, and i was already looking into colleges like... show more

Auditioning for a program in New York and another musical locally. I can’t find any songs that fit my voice type. I have a soulful belt and there’s nothing. It has to be a musical theatre song. Help??

Best answer: During that time, there wasn't much choice. You would pretty much have to go with hemp. It would have been undyed and 1/2 to 1" in diameter.

I said i coinided with the movie The Crying Game in 1992 and my gilrfriend says I'm crazy

Best answer: Since you have nothing else, sure include it on your resume for now. It's not going to help you for professional work, but it's something and everyone has to start somewhere. Most of the work you'll try now for will be non-professional things like community theater or student films now and you... show more

My boyfriend has an amazing singing voice. He can also play the piano and the violin. He's 26 years old and out of high school he went into the AF to pay for college. Then he got a degree in English Education and minored in history. Now he teaches GED classes. He does community theater and gets the lead... show more

I’m a freshman in high school and I play trumpet. I’m pretty decent at it and I was asked to play in the pit for a school musical. I accepted because I thought the music wouldn’t be too hard if they were asking a freshman to play it. I have recently received the actual music that I will play and a lot of it is out... show more

I love the cast and the show so much, but should I get front row tickets or should I sit in the second row?

Is acting a natural talent?

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Best answer: Yes - but having said that, just having the natural talent isn't nearly enough. It takes years of training and experience for any aspiring actor to learn how to give a good performance, how to take direction, how to perform on stage and to camera, and a hundred other things. I know from personal experience... show more

Best answer: Yes heard of it, yes performed in it, and you can see it on Youtube. A satirical treatment of WW1, using music hall songs, soldiers songs, and material written for the play.