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In love with my youth pastor, need help deciding what to do?

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I am 24, he is 27. I've been "in love" with him for a little over a year now. Due to an immature friend who I confined in (big mistake) last year she told him how I felt, and he told me he doesn't see me that way. But, even though God ultimately shut this door, I still think we are made to be... show more

Best answer: Prisons are more long term than jails, but, they are much the same thing. Sort of. I am a jail guard at the jail at the nearest RCMP station, where people stay mostly overnight. If they are to stay in, they are sent to the city where the territorial prison is located, with a different sort of guard. I think... show more

How come only 1 out of the following 4 groups of people recognize 'fact'?

6 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 weeks ago
Christians --- "My Triple God Thing got His own mommy pregnant". Agnostics --- "You can't prove that leprechauns, pixies, goblins and fairies don't exist, therefore I can't rule out their existence ... they just MIGHT exist. Muslims --- "Our Almighty Allah welcomed prophet Muhammad... show more

If atheists could stop treating atheism like a religion, that would be great?

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Best answer: They don't...Why is this in Women's Health?

Best answer: Off to Mexico.

Best answer: Read or watch that Scottish play and Lady MacBeth's behaviour is your answer. Camilla will be rubbing frantically at her hands repeating, "Out! Out! Little spot!" which is just what she said to Diana on the staircase when Diana was a new eighteen year old bride. A very accurate psychic who has made... show more

What's wrong with Jews?

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Best answer: Same as what's wrong with atheists, Muslims, Buddhists and Catholics: they reject the Lord Jesus.

terrorism the only thing the Christian right has remaining?

Give it up, Christians. You're hopeless?

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Christians and their "59 year old conservative" role model took it upon themselves to try and defeat me in order to bring back their old buddy, Blockbuster. Face it. You'll never succeed, christians.